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Sooo I was going to make this a long time ago

and now I am

1- Bruno Alice

Before - He was gonna be tall. He was going to have long hair with one side clipped back. He was going to be older, around 40 years old. He was going to look very dark and mysterious.

After - A giddy goofball who likes scaring people. He wears casual clothing with short, messy hair.

2- Fillieli Verdigris

Before - His color was going to be Mauvelous, and he was going to be tall, relaxing and romantic. His hair was going to be longer and he wasn't going to wear glasses.

After - A cute nervous wreck that feels pressured. He has short, wavy hair and big glasses.

3- Walter Safety

Before - He was going to be an older man, skinny and bony. He was going to be a full on pervert.

After - A mean looking man, but is really nice. He's a bit strong, and he's still a tiny bit of a pervert.

4- Tye Licorice

Before - He was going to be Kuro's friend instead of Jason. He wasn't going to be Asian and he was basically going to be like Kyle.

After - Kuro's perverted Korean cousin.

5- Kyle Princeton

Before - His color was going to be Ao Green and his hair was going to look like this ->…

After - His hair is slicked back and is still a douche.

6- Kuro Black

Before - He was going to be Japanese and a gigantic pervert who followed Trent everywhere. His hair was going to be longer; down to his neck. It was going to be straight and not wavy at all.

After - A sweethearted Korean boyfriend who loves Trent for the way he is. He hates crossdressing and has paranoia.

7- Trent Gray

Before - A dick-headed tsundere.

After - A sarcastically dick head who's not afraid to show love in public.

8- April Spring

Before - Her name was going to be Summer and she was going to be a full on cheerleader who says mean things without knowing it.

After - A gangster in disguise who's furthering her education by going to a school not in her city. She has another life to cover it up.

9- Peri Winkle

Before - A dumb boy who loves to crossdress and loves his brother and hates pants.

After - A boy who loves to crossdress, but is making another choice about it because of what everyone's saying. He will only wear pants when it's really cold.

10- Wyatt Webb

Before - His name was going to be Webster and he was going to be a guy who still likes Peri after what he's done.

After - A sick boy who went to jail for doing what he did to Peri. He doesn't eat and doesn't like to talk. He doesn't even want to look at Peri anymore.

11- Capilli Silver

Before - Has her hair down and just didn't like Trent at all.

After - A horrible person who just yells at her son for thinking that he would make the same mistakes she made.

12- Calvie Peach

Before - A shy bisexual guy who will help anyone in need.

After - A hyper boy who makes inventions that never work. He's really smart, but doesn't look like it. He can also get a little jealous if anyone interferes with his bromance with Lan.

13- David Lavender

Before - His name was originally Li and he was going to be a gay tsundere.

After - His name is David and he hates love and is secretly a Dream Girls fan.

14- Conner Purple

Before - He was going to be David's partner and he was to going to be really nice and loving. His name was going to be Scill.

After- He's a psychopathic soccer player who thinks everyone likes him. He doesn't like David, but he tries to be his friend.

15- Davy G. Black

Before - She was going to be a carefree kid who had terrible siblings.

After - She's embarrassed of her two dads because they're too fucking cheesy. Her parents were the cause of her going away.

16- Vivian Red

Before - She was going to be a kick-boxer who hates Yuo.

After - A hick who's really shy and has a crush on Yuo.

17- Yuo Yellow

Before - She was going to be a flat chested black bitch.

After - A bisexual, big breasted sweetheart who's really air-headed about everything.

18- Moe Green

Before - He was going to be a shota that has a crush on Clyde.

After - A short boy who hates Clyde if he ever calls him "Shortcake", He's not a shota and he's not gay. He's also the martial arts teacher.

19- Clyde Blue

Before - He was going to be a shota too with pale blue skin.

After - A tall boy with pale skin who's good friends with Moe.

20- Dulcia Buff

Before - A skinny woman who has a really weird hairstyle and wears a bandanna.

After - A warm chubby lady who has a nice hair style and loves seeing people in love. Who also has a cowboyish accent.

21- Zebulon Midnight

Before - A womanizer jock who's in jazz. He has short messy hair.

After - A hardworking boy who's baby sister in the hospital. His hair is to his shoulders and it's long and still messy.

So there's all the ones I've changed over the months and years.
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LionyChan Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. The way Kuro would've been...

The two I have already made were suppose to be way different in the beginning too :'D
KohakuDragon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow Kuro's was drastic change
Kuntser Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know LOL
KohakuDragon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NewIntroduction Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
How you keep track of all of them is amazing.
This was very interesting.
Random smile just because: 8D
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